Worship Director

Hillsboro, Oregon // westvalley.org

About West Valley Community Church

Who is West Valley? Well, it’s pretty simple - West Valley is a church committed to knowing Jesus. Why is that important? Because knowing Jesus changes everything, and we mean literally everything. Following him is the single most revolutionary decision we can ever make with our lives. That decision means a journey that redefines how we view ourselves, our relationships with our families and communities, our ambitions, the ups and downs in life, and what it means to know God at all. West Valley is a community where we can be real with each other; dedicated to being open, honest, encouraging, and caring in our interactions. Everyone is welcome here, no matter your story, your past, your questions, doubts, or struggles. West Valley is located in Hillsboro, Oregon, and is committed to loving that city and the surrounding area. 

Job description


We’re looking for a person with a passion for God communicated through music and who is gifted in bringing others into that worship experience. The ability to play in and lead a band is a must, coupled with the ability to lead vocally. This person must enjoy looking for new and creative ways to express worship to God. In this position, one will also need to have the ability to work with others in a team setting and have a heart for leading and challenging their team members to a deeper walk with God.

The Worship Director will work closely with the Lead Pastors in planning each service and setting long-term goals. At West Valley, we believe worship involves all the senses. Therefore, the Worship Director will be directly involved in creating a well-rounded worship experience for the Body of Christ.

This is a part-time position, approximately 10 hours per week.


Responsibilities include planning worship services, leading worship as a vocalist/instrumentalist, scheduling/training worship team members, and leading technical crews (including sound and lighting). Creativity is a must for this position along with the ability to work with others in that process. A sense of humor and the enjoyment of working with others to serve God as part of a team is also extremely important.


The applicant must have an assurance of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. He or she must demonstrate musical gifting and ability to authentically lead others in worship. Candidate will be supportive of an egalitarian perspective of ministry. The applicant must also desire to facilitate growth in the church through the avenue of worship and have a contagious expression of their love for God.



To be considered for this position, along with your resume, please include a demo reel link of your work, and a cover letter telling about yourself and why you’d be a good fit for this job. Applications can be emailed to joel@westvalley.org.