District Executive Minister

Seattle, Washington // converge.org/northwest

About Converge Northwest

The Pacific Northwest has always been naturally beautiful, culturally diverse, and spiritually needy. 130 years ago, Swedish immigrants started the first Swedish Baptist Church in Seattle. Later they started other churches in Portland, Tacoma, and around the Puget Sound. Today we are still starting and strengthening churches in the northwest, including multiple ethnic and immigrant congregations.

While always gospel-focused, we have enjoyed nine different names for the ministry. In 2008 we became Converge Northwest. As one of the eleven U.S. districts of Converge, we serve over 100 churches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Over the past 12 years we have enjoyed strong leadership by Dr. Steve Welling. As Steve’s ministry with Converge NW draws to a close, we are actively seeking God’s next leader for us. 

The timeframe for this search is to present a candidate to the churches of Converge NW at our Annual Gathering in October of this year, with an anticipated start date for the Executive Minister of January 1, 2020. The exact start date and terms of the call will be determined by the Board of Overseers in consultation with the candidate. 

Job description

The role of the District Executive Minister (DEM) is to effectively lead our district-wide mission of helping churches work together to start and strengthen churches in our five-state (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington) region. The DEM will take great care in helping our existing churches grow in health and impact while engaging them to accelerate our church planting movement. The DEM will effectively communicate a compelling vision for expansion of our Converge movement and develop the systems and teams necessary for exponential spiritual multiplication throughout the region.

Essential Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  1.  Strong Biblical and theological knowledge.
  2. Meets the Biblical qualifications outlined in I Timothy 3.
  3. Unreservedly agrees with the Statement of Faith of Converge.
  4. Understanding of the NW culture, beyond the I-5 corridor.
  5. Courageous and bold in vision and implementation.
  6. A mature shepherd’s heart for pastors: Encouraging, not jealous of the success of others, can be candid with pastors about blind spots and growth barriers.
  7. A mind and skills of a system builder for churches (spiritual growth, numerical growth, coaching coaches.
  8. Demonstrated ability in recruitment, assessment and training of experienced pastors and church planters.
  9. An experienced and effective fundraiser.
  10. Self-motivated and self-starter (no rhythm in schedule).
  11. Demonstrated strong interpersonal and intercultural skills.
  12. Willing to travel (Average of 4-5 nights a month away from home).
  13. Demonstrated ability to develop and lead teams.
  14. Empowers leaders and works effectively through other competent leaders, “Can lead from the office and not just from the stage.”
  15. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement strategic planning.
  16. Effectively consults churches going through crisis and change.
  17. A consistently strong collaborator and partner at the national level with other DEMS and the national office.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Vision Leadership and Strategic Planning: Lead with a compelling vision, mobilizing churches, and designing the innovative path to the future in the diverse and complex region.
    1.1. Develop an effective communication strategy for the District vision to inspire, inform, and involve the greatest number of churches and their members. Initial Target: Engagement Rate of 80% (see Strat Op Vision Summary).
    1.2. Meet the 15 ethnically diverse churches and strategize on how to grow our diversity in the district (High Priority).
    1.3. Recruit and empower teams to carry out the strategic plans of the district.
    1.4. Attract and integrate non-Converge churches through an affiliation process.
    1.5. Work with a Board in oversight of district strategy.
  2. Start Churches: Multiply healthy churches within the district by accelerating our church multiplication movement.
    2.1. Develop strategic relationships with key leaders in population centers to further the church multiplication movement.
    2.2. Meet regularly with the movement leaders to strategize and implement church multiplication systems.
    2.3. Identify and develop specialized teams needed for the emerging movement.
    2.4. Invest time in resource development to fund the mission.
  3. Strengthen Churches: Provide guidance and support for existing pastors and churches.
    3.1. Implement a strategy for smaller churches to grow numerically and in salvations and baptisms. (High Priority)
    3.2. Mentor pastors in healthy church systems and in their personal walk with God
    3.3. Develop church renewal systems and coaches.
    3.4. Build the regional representative system for churches that aren’t engaged in the network to provide support, resources and coaching.
    3.5. Help churches build transformational foundations in their discipleship process.
    3.6. Engage more fully the top 10 churches in the district to help pastors of smaller churches.
  4. Staff Development and Administration: Provide the organizational oversight for the growth of the district.
    4.1. Recruit and train addition staff members as needed for the effective leading of the district.
    4.2. Oversee District finances, communications, data systems and resources.
    4.3. Operate fiscally responsibly with bold faith.
  5. Fundraising and Financial Management: Leading fundraising efforts for the overall ministry rest on the shoulders of the Executive Minister as well as the overall financial management and any business operations of the ministry.
    5.1. Develop a method of tracking church giving and pathways to increasing church giving to the district.
    5.2. Develop a process for finding, nurturing and asking individuals to give to the ministries of the district.
    5.3. Develop and implement the necessary financial systems to safe guard the finances and assets of the district.
  6. Collaboration with the other 10 districts and national office of Converge: Live life as part of a greater team of 11 districts. As such, we adopt the brand strategies, church multiplication, church health, and mission field priorities of Converge. The national team has set great emphasis on ensuring the growth and health of all districts including ours.
    6.1. Meet frequently with other district executive ministers during the year for sharing of relationship, best practices and coordination of national and international efforts.
    6.2. Sit on the board of all Converge national partners ministries.

High Priority items are expected to have seen significant progress within the first 18 months of the start of the new position. 


The application for the position of Executive Minister of Converge NW consists of the following items:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume’
  3. Answers to the Executive Minister Application Questions (download job description).

Items may be emailed to joedonaldson@icloud.com no later than June 15, 2019. Please pray with us as we seek God’s next leader for Converge NW.