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About First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church exists to help people know, love, and become like Jesus.

Our vision is, As we seek God, he will form us to become increasingly Christlike, and to be family to everyone who needs family.”

Our strategy is to personally and corporately grow in the three core areas of faith, love, and witnessGrowth in these core areas will lead to our mission being accomplished and the results of our vision being realized in our community and around the world.

Our motivators are passionate discovery as demonstrated by an obedient desire to know God and His will, authentic relationshipsas demonstrated by being family to those who need family, and community transformationas demonstrated by courageous commitment to people who are without Jesus.

All of this is founded on and guided by the following values:

God’s Word

We are committed to Bible-based teaching and living. We believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, communicates what we believe, shows us how to live, and is used by the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will seek to have the transforming message of the Bible permeate our lives through study and prayer. (2 Timothy 3:16)


We are committed to deepening relationships with God, fellowshipping with other believers, and reaching out to those who do not yet know Christ. We believe that our relationship with God is primary and given evidence by our relationships with one another and that loving relationships are at the center of the Gospel. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will nurture our relationship with God and cultivate relationships inside and outside of the church. (Matthew 22:37-39)


We are committed to joyfully accepting God’s gift of grace and generously extending that gift to others. We believe that people matter to God, that the church is made up of broken people saved by grace, that authenticity cannot exist without grace, and that by extending grace to others we are reflecting the very heart of Jesus. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will live authentically, meet people at their point of need and walk alongside those on the path of recovery and reconciliation. (1 John 3:16)


We are committed to becoming the individuals and the church that God desires us to be. We believe that the Holy Spirit transforms the hearts of those who seek God and intentionally live as disciples of Jesus, that as individuals are transformed into the likeness of Christ the church is also transformed, and that transformation is a lifelong journey. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will utilize every day as an opportunity to become more like Him. (Romans 12:1-2)


We are committed to being generous with the resources we have been given. We believe that generous living is a natural byproduct of a life in transformation and that it removes obstacles for accomplishing the mission to which we have been called. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will use biblical principles to manage the time, talent and treasure God has entrusted to us and we will seek to honor God by caring for those in need.

(2 Corinthians 8:5,7)


We are committed to reaching out to the world with the message of Jesus Christ. We believe this work starts locally with our neighbors, expands regionally, and extends globally. As passionate followers of Jesus, we will reach out to the world by praying continuously, trusting fully, giving sacrificially, serving faithfully, and going confidently.

(2 Corinthians 5:18-19, Matthew 28:19-20)

For over 130 years First Baptist Church has been serving the Cambridge Minnesota community out of a desire to truly be family to everyone in our community! This desire drives us deeper into relationship with Jesus and with each other and leads us into our community as vessels of God's love to others.

Job description

Position: Worship Leader
Status: Full Time, Salaried

About This Role

The role of the Worship Leader is to lead all aspects of the musical worship of First Baptist Church, which involves envisioning, equipping, and mobilizing the musical, technological, and creative skills, and talents of volunteers. This role also involves maintaining an effective technology infrastructure with which to accomplish the needs of the worship ministry of First Baptist. The Worship Leader shepherds people in authentic worship through contemporary as well as traditional music styles and assists in all aspects of the creative efforts of the church. This role has a special focus on the aspect of our Mission of “Loving Jesus” and Vision focus of “As we seek God….”

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Lead and facilitate musical worship at First Baptist worship services and gatherings.
  • Serve as the primary worship leader in the contemporary worship service.
  • Coordinate traditional worship leaders and lead in the traditional worship service as part of a worship leader rotation.
  • Prioritize time according to need for each service type, recognizing that the nature of contemporary worship warrants more time commitment (midweek rehearsals, more complex music, etc.) than traditional worship to ensure excellence.
  • Lead worship in a way which eliminates distractions to congregational worship due to lack of preparation or avoidable error.
  • Recruit, train, and mentor traditional worship leader(s) to give consistent leadership to the traditional service 1 or 2 times per month.
  • Recruit, train, and mentor contemporary worship leader(s) to give consistent leadership to the contemporary service as needed.
  • Build, direct, coordinate, and develop the volunteer worship team.
  • Lead weekly rehearsals for the worship team and schedule team members.
  • Plan and coordinate weekly worship services, all church-related celebrations, and seasonal events in coordination with the Lead Pastor.
  • Oversee worship teams, band, seasonal choirs, instrumentalists, accompanists, drama/visual worship, audio/visual technicians, and other related aspects of worship.
  • Manage the church Planning Center account to organize team members and distribute sheet music and rehearsal recordings in a timely manner each week.
  • Ensure all needed service content is prepared for seamless operation in worship services, this includes ensuring that ProPresenter, vMix, Restream, and any other worship and streaming software is prepared in advance.
  • Participate in all staff meetings.
  • Prepare financial requests to the church Board for audio, video, and/or structural improvement to the Multipurpose room (MPR)/Sanctuary to enhance the worship experience.
  • Train or facilitate training for musicians.
  • Manage and maintain the musical instruments and worship technology equipment, keeping up-to-date with developments.
  • Propose and manage the worship budget in cooperation with the Associate Pastor of Formation and Administration and in accordance with the financial policies of the church.
  • Develop, coach, and care for all worship team volunteers, investing in key leaders to help them continue to grow and thrive in their areas of ministry.
  • Recruit soloists and special music musicians to participate in services.

Secondary Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Ensure technology needs are met for weddings, funerals, and other special events.
  • Assist in providing musicians for weddings and funerals as requested.
  • Be part of the emergency cell phone and Community Care intake rotations.
  • Additional duties may be requested by the Associate Pastor of Formation and Administration or the Lead Pastor.

Strengths & Skillset

  • Passionate about bringing God’s people close to His heart in worship.
  • Strong up-front leader with gifts and abilities to create a worship environment that touches the heart of the believer and draws people to Christ.
  • Spiritual gifts that fuel strong leadership and supernatural fruit within this ministry role.
  • Ability to lead the congregation in prayer as a vital part of worship services.
  • Very strong giftings and passion for contemporary worship.
  • A good “team player” and team builder with experience in supervising, motivating, and encouraging others.
  • Able to keep calm under pressure and respond in a measured way in stressful situations.
  • Conducts life with the utmost integrity in all situations.
  • Able to maintain confidentiality and discretion.
  • Proven organizational and administrative skills.
  • Able to set realistic goals and targets and be able to create a work/life balance that is sustainable in the long-term.
  • Excellence as a musician, keyboard/piano, or guitar preferred.
  • Knowledge and skill with sound equipment and technology.
  • Ideally, gifted in various styles of music. Willingness to learn and grow in styles that are less familiar.
  • Ability to spiritually shepherd those serving in the worship ministry.


  • Vibrant and growing personal faith in Jesus Christ. This is the most important thing in this and any ministry staff role at First Baptist Church!
  • Firm commitment to the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of First Baptist Church.
  • Experience leading congregational worship.
  • Experience coordinating and guiding musicians.
  • Experience planning events or worship services.
  • Knowledge of basic music theory.
  • Willingness to become proficient and to train volunteers in the use of the following software/hardware, and to remain proficient in technology required for services and service planning. The following is a list of current software and hardware platforms utilized extensively in the worship ministry of First Baptist Church:
  • Planning Center (cloud based organizational and communication software used for scheduling, communication, and music/service order distribution)
  • ProPresenter (Professional presentation software used in the MPR and Sanctuary)
  • vMix (live stream production software used in the MPR and Sanctuary)
  • Restream (cloud based live stream distribution platform)
  • NDI (networking protocol used to connect all live streaming elements for worship services to the live stream computer)
  • Yamaha tf5 Mixing Console (live audio digital mixer used in the MPR)
  • Behringer x32 Mixing Console (live audio digital mixer used in the Sanctuary)
  • Stay current on worship trends and up-to-date on tech needs as they arise.
  • Undergraduate Degree in Music, Ministry, Worship, Bible, or a related field preferred.

Your Team

This position reports to the Associate Pastor of Formation and Administration. It relates to the staff leadership team and supervises the following part-time paid positions: organist(s), choir director, choir accompanist, as well as several volunteer worship leaders and 50+ worship team volunteers. Shepherding, guidance, and support of these team members is vital.

Your Schedule

This is a full-time, salaried position with an expectation of 40-45 hours per week. Thursday evening rehearsals beginning at 7pm are required as well as Sunday mornings. Regular office hours are to be established as well as attendance at Tuesday morning staff meetings.


A competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with a position of this nature and the education, experience, and qualifications will be offered to the final candidate.



To apply please email your cover letter and resume to Pastor Dan DeRushia at dand@firstbaptistcambridge.org