Director of Worship

Waconia, Minnesota //

About Oakwood Community Church

Our Mission

Passion for God. Compassion for people.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Oakwood Community Church is to glorify God by establishing people in community (fellowship), encouraging Christ-like maturity (discipleship), equipping people for ministry (service), extending God’s kingdom (outreach), and exalting Him in worship.

Our Values

  • God-Honoring Worship

  • Word-Driven Teaching

  • Grace-Filled Community

  • Gifts-Oriented Service

  • Gospel-Centered Outreach

Our Covenant

Having received Jesus Christ as our Savior and confessed Him as Lord in baptism, we do now joyfully covenant together to unite with the family of Christ here at Oakwood Community Church. We do, therefore, in His strength agree:

That by God’s grace we shall seek to protect the unity of our Church by acting in love toward one another, engaging in edifying conversation, and following our leaders; That we shall share in the responsibility of our Church by praying for its growth, welcoming those who visit, and pursuing Christ-like character; That we shall seek to serve in the ministry of our Church by discovering our gifts, being equipped to serve, and developing a servant’s heart; That we shall seek to support the testimony of our Church by attending faithfully, living a godly life, and giving regularly; That we shall seek to participate in the outreach of our Church by sharing the gospel, caring for others, and supporting the advance of God’s kingdom here and abroad.

Job description





  1. Focus of Position: Oversee, coordinate and give leadership direction to all aspects of the church’s worship services and ministries, in order to assist Oakwood Community Church in fulfilling its vision and mission.


  2. Qualifications:
    1. Model a commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.
    2. Possess a passion to worship God and to see others worship Him.
    3. Exercise spiritual gifts of worship leadership, creative communication and administration.
    4. Strong communication, organizational, and people skills.
    5. Ability to give creative, visionary leadership to a contemporary style of worship.
    6. Experience in utilizing a variety of music selections and art forms in a way that results in a harmonious, reverent, warm service of God-centered worship.
    7. Musically trained with experience preparing music, leading instrumental rehearsals, and developing artists.
    8. Ability to recruit, develop and lead ministry teams of volunteer vocalists and instrumentalists for worship.
    9. Baccalaureate degree or ministry experience which gives evidence of an ability to fill the position.
    10. Become a member of Oakwood Community Church.


  3. Responsibilities:
    1. Oversee and give leadership to the development of weekly contemporary worship services.
      • Develop weekly services that focus on a theme and the people Oakwood is reaching / hoping to reach.
      • Accept responsibility for all weekly rehearsals and all worship services.
      • Give leadership to any worship ministry teams you may recruit to assist in planning and organizing weekly and special worship services.
      • Recruit, train and manage instrumentalists and vocalists for contemporary worship so that they can effectively lead worship in a way that displays excellence.
      • Provide basic ministry care and nurture spiritual growth within worship ministry teams.
      • Oversee the purchase, electronic storage and use of all music related to worship.
      • Oversee the purchase, care and maintenance of all instruments and equipment owned and utilized in worship ministry.
      • Provide oversight to the youth worship ministry.
    2. Provide visionary leadership for the musical direction of worship for the church. Be knowledgeable of music, trends, and culture, and understanding how those elements work together to lead people in meaningful worship.
    3. Plan and lead any all-church services or seasonal outreach events as assigned by your supervisor, including Christmas Eve, Holy Week and Easter.
      • Work together with any worship planning team to organize special worship services and other events throughout the year.
    4. Oversee the technical and technology details related to worship services.
      • Oversee the scheduling of service leaders (audio and lighting techs, prayer ministers, ushers)
      • Oversee the training for service leaders.
      • Oversee the worship budget.
      • Oversee the volunteers facilitating the online worship ministry.
      • Oversee needed technological improvements and implementation.
      • Oversee the volunteers creating worship center décor and stage designs.
    5. Work with Lead Pastor to set annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with Oakwood’s vision and then evaluate how those goals were attained or modified over the course of the year.
    6. Carry out responsibilities as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


  4. Relationships:
    1. Reports to the Lead Pastor for accountability, support and communication of ministry plans and vision.
  5. Compensation
  1. Recruits, trains, and supervises any volunteers or paid musicians for worship ministry.
  2. Leads any worship ministries team to assist in worship planning.
  3. Attends meetings of the Church Staff.
  4. Functions as part of the Church’s staff to encourage effective communication between worship ministry workers and the staff.


This is a full-time position with benefits which can be shared upon request. Salary based on education and experience.



Please download and submit an employment application by email to

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