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The church family and board of Nett Lake Baptist Church are excited to move
ahead in reaching their community for Christ and seeing the church grow in faith
and unity. The Lord has brought a new Missionary Pastor and his family to Nett Lake Baptist Church. We would like to introduce Dave, Heather, Caden and Hunter Hicks. Since this is David and Heather’s first ministry position, the Nett Lake Baptist
Church has extended a Full-Time Trial Position for David and Heather through
May of 2020. During this time, the church seeks to confirm their calling on David
and Heather as their full-time pastor. And since this is a trial position for David
and Heather, the Nett Lake Church Board and CNC/NAMAC will continue to seek
candidates for this position. The goal and desire of this agreement, is that a fulltime
pastor will be confirmed by the end of May 2020.
Both the Nett Lake Baptist Church and David and Heather Hicks have agreed to
this agreement and are excited about the Lord’s leading and confirmation. As we
move ahead, we are asking that you reach out to David and Heather, pray for
them and continue to support the Nett Lake Ministry.