Biblical Diversity

Expanding our cultural diversity and addressing racial barriers to advance the gospel.



Unity through diversity

Gospel movements affect entire communities and bridge across social, economic, language, ethnic and cultural barriers. As part of that vision, and in response to the great challenges of the church modeling the power of reconciliation and collaboration that the gospel provides, Converge recently established an Office of Biblical Diversity. Dr. Harold Lewis was introduced as Converge’s first vice president of Biblical Diversity in September, 2018.

Dr. Lewis and his team will oversee areas of diversity training and racial and ethnic reconciliation. They will also include the expansion of our ministries to cultural and ethnic groups, such as Filipino, Haitian, Vietnamese and Hispanic congregations, that make up a significant portion of our movement, as well as other cultural entities in order to expand our effectiveness with those groups and empower them to reach others.

Let’s continue to pray that God leads us to greater unity in mission and diversity in reach as we start and strengthen churches together worldwide.

In establishing our biblical foundation for this effort, part of our diversity task force, led by Dr. David Clark of Bethel University, created a Biblical Diversity position paper.

Grow biblical diversity in your ministry

Learn how your team can take part in diversity training or join a cultural or ethnic ministry expansion team.


Whether striving forward or struggling, every church needs a partner to come in and look ‘under the hood’ of their ministry. Converge helped us be better in every area to effectively bring the good news to all people.

Bill Berg, New Hope Community Church, Cambridge & Isanti, Minnesota