Why Become a Missionary with Converge?


Compelling Reasons to Serve with Converge

1. The centrality of Jesus Christ. 

Our goal is to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth, proclaiming redemption in the risen Christ alone.

2. Kingdom mindset.

We not only have Converge Worldwide mission fields, but we also seek to work with other kingdom partners to make disciples among people groups.

3. Member care.

We place a high priority on caring for our missionaries - spiritually, emotionally and physically.

4. Mission family.

Converge offers a global family of missionaries and staff connected by a common vision and mission.

5. Holistic.

Converge missionaries seek to meet not only the spiritual needs of people but also their economic, physical and social needs...all while emphasizing that their deepest need is met in Jesus Christ.

6. Wide-ranging ministries.

We minister in the slums of Bangkok to the influential in Uruguay. And we have assignments of varying lengths and locations, even some mission opportunities within the United States.

7. Generosity-driven missional churches.

Converge churches are generous churches (at least that is our aim). We encourage churches to make missional investments to advance the kingdom.

8. Preparedness.

Our missionaries undergo a detailed assessment process to clarify mission, calling and fit. They also receive extensive coaching and training during the support-raising process.

9. Creative/Innovative.

We seek to establish reproducing church planting movements worldwide using multiple approaches. We encourage missionaries to use creative and innovative ministry strategies to make biblical disciples.

10. Benefits.

We offer a career in missions complete with extensive health insurance coverage, retirement and other benefits.

Ready now? Complete the online form to start the process of becoming a missionary with Converge.

Not ready yet and have more questions? Send a message to our team.

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