Who Likes Change?

by Ivan Veldhuizen, Executive Director of Converge International Ministries
Converge Missions

Who likes change? With it, there is always uncertainty, adjustments, a learning curve and hassles. We would usually choose to live without change. Regardless of our wishes, however, change is an inevitable part of progress.

Things are changing in International Ministries. There is a prayerful strategic reason for every change that’s being implemented. Allow me to address what may be the most fundamental shift of all—moving from a mission of independent contractors to a vision-led mission with alignment throughout.

This fundamental change is required for some important reasons:

  1. Denominational loyalty has virtually ceased to exist. Our Converge churches and constituents will rarely partner with us simply because we’re Converge. A compelling vision and mission is essential–one that captures the heart and passions of those in our movement. This is the new reality. The responses were highly encouraging when I recently made an extensive presentation to the Converge Board of Overseers. Some of our most respected leaders in Converge stated, “This is the best stuff I’ve heard on missions in years,” and “I can get my church behind this!” The reason we heard these reactions? Today’s churches and leaders need a clear, cohesive, God-honoring vision with the organizational legitimacy to see it become reality. If this is not the case, we will fail to have the partners needed to significantly impact the world.
  2. Empowerment and accountability help us achieve our highest potential. Even though our flesh would rather go solo, it is not the biblical path of greatest success. Jesus empowered his disciples and practiced ongoing accountability with them. At Converge, we have a value that’s closely related to this: “Every leader needs a coach—every leader be a coach.” When we consider the high and complex calling of cross-cultural ministry, we are truly better together. As we develop a global organizational structure for our mission, empowerment and accountability are high values.
  3. We have a unique role to fill in the accomplishment of the Great Commission. Nothing great is ever achieved without intentionality and strategic engagement. Jesus stated the clearest indicator of his return would be that, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations (ethne’) and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14). At Converge, we believe God has called us to be vital participants in seeing the Great Commission accomplished in our lifetimes. This takes unwavering focus, difficult decisions and strategic intentionality.

We are starting and strengthening churches worldwide. We do this in a variety of ways—some through obvious church planting and strengthening strategies, while others are less direct, through compassion or community-development platforms. Critical in this one mission is our central ministry focus of developing transformational leaders everywhere we work. To see these outcomes, we are implementing an organizational structure that will empower every worker to reach his or her greatest potential, holding one another accountable for what we believe God has called us to achieve.

Who likes change? Regardless of our wishes, however, change is an inevitable part of progress. Thank you for taking this journey with us. To God be the glory.


  • Gary Hunter was hired in August 2016 as our director of Global Ministry. His role is to develop structures and raise up leaders to accomplish our one mission of starting and strengthening churches worldwide.
  • We have recruited and positioned five International Leaders: David J. (Asia), Dan Nelson (Latin America/Caribbean), John B. (U.S. Diaspora), Dennis M. (Europe/Middle East) and Jim B. (Africa).
  • Roger Peterson has become our director of Mobilization, overseeing a team handling recruitment through deployment.
  • We have implemented a new model of recruitment that features 10 on-ramps to missionary service with Converge. This increases our capacity, helping us to deploy at least 300 new missionaries in the next 10 years.
  • We are in the process of developing a Champion Church Network in the U.S. This is an attempt to engage more churches into mission partnership with us as well as influence the Converge culture of missions across the country.

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