UPDATE: Cascade Church pledges to save one life and saves two


Pastor Todd Arrambide gives us this final update after working nearly a year to save a baby from abortion. Spoiler alert: They saved two.

Todd writes: After my gloomy report a couple months ago, you encouraged the Converge churches to pray for us. We had seen no visible success from our time invested in front of the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. Though still determined, we were discouraged but had faith God was preparing something unique. As you will read, God is answering prayer.

Let me briefly recap why we are so determined. As you know, last March during Ignite [Converge's annual church planters conference] our college-age students listened to the words of Jeff Durbin and were ruined by the reality of abortion and the devastation it leaves in its path. Our group of 15 left Ignite vowing to find a way to do something we had never done before. Our goal was to save one baby from abortion. Over the past nine months we have called and been coached by Jeff and studied various ways we can make a difference. I am happy to report an abundance of grace being poured onto us.

  • Two courageous mothers have now agreed to save their babies. We have now had the honor to help both of these young moms connect with our partners at the Pregnancy Resource Center. They are now in the loving arms of this organization.
  • A generous donor has agreed to cover all the cost of young mothers for their entire first year, and for others who would agree to save their baby.
  • We have just started a “Rachel’s Vineyard” ministry that will minister to those who have already aborted their babies. This ministry is all about complete restoration, forgiveness and Jesus.
  • Our partnership with Pregnancy Resource Center is working well. 

Last, our determination and resolve have found that the goal of saving "a baby" was just a primer to a lifelong pursuit of lives saved and restoration won. We are now flirting with the idea of raising support for a person who can daily stand at Planned Parenthood and rescue what would be lost. Dare we request prayer for this? We say YES!

We are encouraging as many of our young people to attend Ignite because of the incredible impact it had on us. Pray that we can think of creative solutions for the travel and lodging cost. Cascade is covering the cost of the admission.

Cascade Church won $5,000 to use toward this life-saving minstry, by entering the Ignite video contest. Make sure your group doesn't miss out on this opportunity for growth. Learn more here.

Pastor Todd Arrambide has been busy with his college group trying to save one baby from abortion in Monroe, Washington. The journey has been tough. The group is asking for prayers. Read pastor Todd's most recent update below:

The journey continues as we, Cascade Church, seek to save a baby from abortion before next year's Ignite church planters conference. The goal of saving a baby has surprisingly become crystalized in routine and scheduling. Every Tuesday we now invest time standing outside our local Planned Parenthood holding signs of hope, aspiration and painful truth. Our learning curve has been steep in discovering how to talk with people in the 15 to 25 seconds before they enter or after they leave.

After multiple failed attempts at communication, we began studying Jeff Durbin’s methods closer and that is bringing more success. So far success is defined as longer conversations with mothers and the supporting people who come with them to abort their babies. We define additional success as receiving insults, profanities and gestures from people who do not agree with the hope Jesus gives. It’s odd to think this is actually the fruit of our ministry as well, but I guess it makes sense. Every disdainful look we receive or every cuss word directed at us ironically proves to us we are on the right track--not signaling that we should give up. Any time people who love Jesus stand at the gates of hell not allowing evil the luxury of its quiet demonic destruction, a miracle takes place.

We are gaining depth as our faith is becoming less theoretical and rhetorical. The pursuit of saving babies has been completely impractical, overwhelmingly frustrating and consistently mind-boggling. We must be on the right track. Remember to pray for us.

Last Tuesday we stood with a couple of broken umbrellas, rain leaking on our faces, as mothers rushed into Planned Parenthood to destroy God’s Creation. Later that day a little amateur film crew came to film us for their college-age online news station. Our pride was bolstered by our unexpected fame, but quickly sunk as the realization that three girls had entered Planned Parenthood while we tried to carefully answer the interviewers questions. We won’t make that mistake again. Our resolve is still gaining clarity as we labor at learning how to be less foolish with the limited time we can give weekly. Again, please pray.

Here's the latest update from pastor Todd Arrambide, as he and his college group at Cascade Church pledged to save one life with the help of the winnings from the Ignite 2014 video contest:

Salt (our college career group) is persisting with the goal of saving one life from abortion this year. I mentioned that we went to Planned Parenthood and prayed while walking on their property, claiming their ground as God’s ground. 

Five of our Salt kids then went to Planned Parenthood and held signs and interacted with mothers and encouraged them to save their babies. I also went to Planned Parenthood and walked around praying, asking God to answer our prayer and to make the path easily seen as his. 

I had a couple conversations with visitors to the abortion mill. I asked them, “What brings you in today?” The conversations were good, and groundwork is being laid. I was thinking on my way home: “This is a weird undertaking we have taken on. It feels too big. It feels impossible. It feels bold.” 

We are in the valley of the decision we have made, not knowing how God will answer our request to save one baby this year. The clock is ticking and we are staying steadfast, but as of today we have no specific idea how God will answer this request. We believe our motives are pure, our intent to honor him and to not cause pain, so we labor and we wait. 

I guess what can be said is that our hearts are open to many ways that he may answer this prayer. What personal sacrifice will that represent? We don’t know, but we believe our hearts are open… in new ways. And that is progress.

 Pastor Todd Arrambide has great news to report from Cascade Church:

We have been crazy busy over here. We are now working with the Pregnancy Resource Center in two facets. The first, a baby bottle campaign, which is their significant source of income. 

Todd Arrambide, Andrew

Pictured: Pastor Todd with Andrew from the Pregnancy Rescource Center

The second way is a big mailer campaign promoting PRC. We are working to help get one of PRC's quarterly mailers out. They are printing and providing everything, and we are just using the willing hearts of our students to stuff all 600 of the envelopes all night long, which we finished last night (Monday). 

We see more that we want to do and will discuss it very soon at our team meeting. Since we have undertaken these goals, our group has almost doubled in size. God is blessing us!

We are still working on a connection to possibly create a satellite at our church for PRC, a place where a counselor could come a few days a week. We are also working on adding the aspect of "Surrendering the Secret," which gives women a way to release the shame of a past abortion. We don't want people to live in the shame of their sin. 

Stay with us for an update soon, check out last month's news below. 



Pastor Todd Arrambide, Cascade Church, Monroe, Washington, took 16 college/career-aged students to tour the Pregnancy Resource Center. The point of the trip was to educate students on how they can help save a baby from abortion.

This particular center is committed to helping women make the choice to keep and carry their babies. The clinic takes the women in by appointment, shows them the baby on a monitor and continues to support them throughout the pregnancy.

The center also has large meeting rooms for a 10-week training on how to be a good mother and services to help if postpartum depression becomes an issue. This is all provided free; the women do not pay any cost.

Todd reports the group really liked the center and have volunteered to help with a campaign to raise money and do basic office tasks for a quarterly mailer. CCC is also beginning a conversation with the center to use their church as a satellite office at no cost.

They believe this is just the beginning of a great relationship. Keep with us as we follow Cascade as they continue on their life-saving journey. For more information, check out the Q&A below.



Converge Worldwide’s 2014 Ignite conference featured a special twist – a video contest granting $5,000 to the creator’s ministry of choice. The rules were simple: upload a 30-second video on how one church can change the world and vote for your favorite.

Cascade Church won with more than 3000 votes to bring home $5,000 to Monroe, Washington.

Converge spoke with Outreach & College Career pastor Todd Arrambide on the video-making process and what’s next for his ministry.

Converge Worldwide: First off, congratulations. How were you able to come up the winning video? 
Todd Arrambide: Thank you. Well, we did write a script and the process was pretty fun. We interviewed 15 or of our college-age students and there was a lot of content. It took our video guy Nathan 20 hours to edit the video; he really put his heart into it.

CW: So tell us… how did you feel when you won?
TA: We were so stoked. We were totally blown away (laughs).

CW: Your video had an impressive number of votes. How did you manage that?
TA: We had everyone from grandma and grandpa to nieces and nephews voting as moms and dads and anyone we could think of with devices to vote on; we had them voting.

CW: But how did you get the word out? Was there a plan?
TA: Well, we were freaked out that the video with the next highest votes had a strategy going, so we just stayed on it with social media, especially Facebook. We couldn’t believe how many people stayed awake until midnight to vote.

CW: Being the first winners of this contest, do you have any advice for next years’ video makers?
TA: To enjoy second place – we are winning again next year (laughs)! But honestly, my advice is to actually embody and live your video. I believe our group is really going to change the world. I sincerely believe the video became a catalyst for us to believe it too. It’s a unique process and I see God is doing something in our group of people. It’s divine to watch; this is way beyond a contest and something much larger is at work for us.

CW: So have you made plans for the $5,000?
TA: Actually, it’s a strange story. About four weeks before the conference, abortion became a very big concern of mine. A sadness about it consumed me unlike the first 42 years of my life. At Ignite, during Jeff Durbin’s session, it really hit home for 13 of us. We said, “Wow, we have got to do something in the space of preventing abortions.”

CW: Have you figured out how you will do that yet? What’s your main goal?
TA: After praying for hours and hours and meeting to talk over how we would act, we felt convicted to save one baby in 2014. We’ve never ever set a goal like that before, so it would be way beyond what any of us have ever done. We will use the winnings to try and piece together the details. Right now we are working on aligning with pregnancy centers and learning how to engage with a mother’s needs. We believe, now that we have been confronted with the truth, our response is demanded. We invite you to join us as we learn how to embody the point of the video: “How One Church Can Change the World”.

Converge is going to stay with Cascade Community Church every step of the way. We will walk beside them as they try to figure out their next steps on how to save one life in 2014. Follow us for our special series as one church does change the world.

Watch the video: One Church (Ignite 2014 video contest winner) from Converge Worldwide on Vimeo.

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