Trout Lake Camp summer impact: the numbers tell the story


Summer camp can be more than fun; at Trout Lake Camp it's transformational. The camp located in Minnesota opened in 1947 and has seen more than 200,000 campers. Nicknamed the "Meeting place with God," the camp sits on 180 acres and offers more than amenities; 351 campers made a first-time decision for Jesus. 

Executive director Jon Wicklund says this year is the fifth year in a row Trout Lake has seen record numbers. More than 4700 campers attended the 10-week summer camping season. Here are the numbers:

  • 611 campers have rededicated their lives to Christ.
  • 53 campers indicated a decision to go into full-time Christian ministry.
  • 694 campers made other significant spiritual decisions.

Trout Lake Camp is one of several district camps that serve Converge church members. Check your district website to learn what's available in your vicinity:

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