Transform 2017: Creating a Coaching Culture

by Allison Hurtado, staff writer
Transform 2017

Transform 2017 kicked off last Tuesday with over 450 people in attendance in Garden Grove, California. The evening session was led by author and pastor, Larry Osborne, who spoke on Barnabas, whom Osborne believes is one of the strongest coaches mentioned in the New Testament. He shared five things Barnabas did as a coach: he was financially generous; was quick to give forgiveness and offer second chances; focused on anointing, not pedigree; defended the right to be different; stepped aside and took second billing.

“Barnabas appears on the scene out of nowhere. His entire role is finished midway through the Book of Acts. He is mentioned one time in one letter, but it isn’t positive,” Osborne said. “To me, he’s the most significant person outside of Jesus Christ. He was the most amazing coach, developer and releaser of people.”

Day two consisted of special breakouts for women, pastors wives and senior pastors. Shaunti Feldhahn held the sessions for women, focusing on kindness.  “There is something supernatural that happens when you apply kindness, especially when you least want to, and that’s where the power comes,” she said.

Senior pastors held a panel discussion on the importance of covering and coaching, with Dr. Dwight Perry, pastor John Jenkins and Larry Osborne. Through a Q&A, pastors were encouraged to ask how to enter a coaching or covering relationship.

“Covering is not just a cultural thing, it’s a biblical thing. We all need mentors and coaches, but [even more] we all need someone who covers our soul,” Dr. Perry said.

Workshops were held by several Converge leaders. Christina Lee led women through a coaching session, beginning with the greatest coach of all time – Jesus. He coached 12 men, and we still know his message today. Lee covered topics on what types of questions to ask as a coach and how to be a good coach. She also held a live 10-minute coaching session with a volunteer. Emotionally touching, it left many women in tears.

“A good coach should be able to coach on any topic,” Lee said. “You have to come to the table with the sense of deep belief that there is nothing in Christ that your peer can’t do.”

John Baxter, Converge director of Diaspora ministries, held a workshop on reaching your Samaria. He stressed pastors need to begin looking around to see the different people groups moving into their area. He believes together we can reach those who are outside of our churches but within our neighborhoods.

“Cross-cultural ministry is not easy or smooth. It will be messy and we will make mistakes,” Baxter said. “We need to ask God for indigenous leaders to reach these unreached communities.”

Thursday night’s session was led by pastor Chris Williams, who planted a church with Converge two years ago. Williams spoke about how coaches throughout his life changed his course. He used the last seven words Jesus said on the cross to stress the importance of coaching. His paraphrase:

  1. Don’t take it personal. (Luke 23-34).
  2. Everybody doesn’t want to go. (Luke 23:43)
  3. You’ll have to release some people. (John 19:25-27)
  4. Frustration is a part of the game. (Matthew 27:46)
  5. It’s OK to show your humanity. (John 19:28)
  6. Don’t stop until you finish. (John 19:30)
  7. Make a deposit. (Luke 23:46)

Friday morning closed with communion and a message from Dr. Michael Henderson. 

“The body of Christ is the only hope,” Henderson said. “We are brothers and sisters in Christ because we have the same Father. We have to be intentional about oneness.”

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