Three years later, German missionaries still marvel at God's grace

Converge International Fellowship Darmstadt, Germany

Nearly three years ago Bob and Carol Marsh moved to Darmstadt, Germany, to begin what Bob calls "their great adventure." They planted a church, and Bob says, "We marvel at the grace of God as he has built his church before our eyes."

During Europe's holiday season, the Marshes have met many new people and welcomed new friends. In August they saw 12 new people attend their worship service at Converge International Fellowship. They've met students visiting from Sierra Leone, China, Indonesia and Ecuador. 

The Marshes hold groups in their home and had a student from Cameroon tell them: "I [had] only heard of God as an angry judge, and religion as a bunch of rules. I have never experienced the grace, mercy and love of God like this. Thank you for coming here to begin this church!” 

Most recently, elders have been appointed to help lead the church in Darmstadt. Bob says, "They are godly men, and we are so blessed to have them as ministry partners. We rejoice at the way God has abundantly equipped this congregation, and we feel the responsibility to be faithful stewards of his blessing. Pray for us in this vital area."

For now the Marshes will continue their efforts to keep their church from being the best-kept secret in town. They ask for prayers for new outreach efforts. 

    Point - Summer 2018

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