Three axioms for church leadership

Church leader advice

“Our generation has an unquenchable fascination with leadership,” says David Yetter, executive minister of Converge PacWest. Here are three of his axioms for church leaders:

1. Leadership in the church is necessarily spiritual. That is, leadership is fundamentally following the Spirit's lead. It is sourced in and shaped by God, and it aligns with his Word. Skipping the spiritual nature of church leadership contradicts the church's message and mission.

2. Leadership involves movement. No movement? No need for leadership. Jesus repeatedly said, "Follow me." Good church leaders know where they are going and have a strong sense of how to get there.

3. Leadership brings others along. John Maxwell reminds us that one test of leadership is to turn around and see if anyone is following. If not, he says, you're not leading, you're just going for a walk. Effective church leaders are alert to how far and how fast followers can travel.

Converge has hundreds of incredible leaders who are spiritual, directional and alert to those they lead. Thank God for every pastor, board member and Sunday school teacher leading others to know and follow Christ.

    Point - September 2018

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