The Heart of a Coach

by Christina Lee, founder of Nehemiah Training & Consulting

Over the last decade the term coaching has taken on a new meaning in our quest to develop leaders. This art of helping others has not just morphed into one of the largest movements in our nation’s history of developing leaders, it has helped many people accomplish their personal and professional goals, aspirations and dreams. While many people claim to understand the gift of coaching, they tend to intertwine the skill set with those of counseling and mentoring, thus reducing the effectiveness of the coaching movement.

Counseling, coaching and mentoring are all beneficial means of helping others reach their fullest potential and, when used properly, both practices can foster results in their own unique ways. Counseling can serve as a gift to help people in emotional crises, anger, brokenness and loss of direction. Mentoring can be one’s roadmap toward success while under the tutelage of an authority figure who imparts skills, information and knowledge pertaining to a certain assignment or career pathway. But the two forms of communication still have a stark difference from the world of coaching. 

A coach can specialize in many areas, such as leadership, ministry, marriage, financial or life coaching, just to name a few. But the art and foundation of coaching is the same regardless of the coach’s niche. The art of coaching is rooted in asking powerful questions. Powerful questions are designed to speak to the heart of the issue and create awareness in the life of the client, thus helping the person make forward progress in his or her goal or objective. Coaching, like mentoring and counseling, is also deeply rooted in good listening skills. When I speak of listening, I’m referring to listening with the heart of a coach.


When we listen with the heart of a coach, we are using coaching as a vehicle of transformation in the life of another. Over the past decade I’ve been blessed to lead hundreds of leaders into deep transformation while in pursuit of their life purpose and destiny--simply because I choose to listen with my heart. No one has listened more attentively to individual needs than Jesus. Jesus was the greatest coach who ever walked the earth and was the master of asking powerful questions to create awareness in the heart of his disciples. 

In Matthew 16, Jesus wanted to get to the heart of the matter and find out out if the disciples really understood who he was. He asked one simple, powerful question that would change the trajectory of Peter’s life and how we look at the kingdom of God. The question was, Who does man say that I am?” Peter answered with an astounding answer,  You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Like a good coach, Jesus replied with great affirmation, “Flesh and blood did not reveal is to you, but my father who is in heaven.”

Peter’s moment of awareness coached him into his destiny because the keys granted to him on that day would later open the doorway to the kingdom of God on the day of Pentecost for all who placed their saving faith in Christ as Savior. What a powerful moment in history. Jesus did not counsel or mentor, he did not give Peter the answer, he simply created awareness by asking Peter a powerful coaching question that pointed him to his life purpose and destiny. Many may have seen Peter as just a fisherman, but Jesus unleashed a new level of awareness that millions of lives have and will benefit from eternally because Peter ultimately found his place in ministry through a powerful coaching moment with Jesus the Christ, our Savior. 

Christina Lee will be hosting a workshop this January at the Converge Transform conference. She will be concentrating on women and coaching. Among other roles, she is the founder of Nehemiah Training & Consulting, an organization that specializes in leadership and development training.





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