Taking the scenic tour: One missionary's route to relationships

At Converge Worldwide we have missionaries not only in other countries, but here in the United States. One of these is Ken Danielson and his wife, Linda. You can find them on a typical day taking winding ice roads to minister to Native American tribes in Warroad, Minn., and all the way up to Canada.

Ken says, “We have been blessed to see the Lord make our little gathering truly All Nations: Ojibway, Sioux, white, Chinese, Loatian, etc. Relationship is an important aspect of ministry for us, we serve breakfast every Sunday morning, enjoy worship, testimonies and God's Word.”

“The Lord is softening hearts to His Word and drawing people to himself. We have the honor of watching as he works.”

Ken often takes his family with him to minister to three different reserves: Buffalo Point, Northwest Angle and Windigo Island. There are no roads to the reserves so he travels by boat and snowmobile multiple times a week.

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