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SAT-7 Christian programming

Converge helps fund SAT-7, which satellite broadcasts Christian programming in Arabic and several other languages, produced in the Middle East by local believers. These broadcasts cover the entire Middle East and North Africa.

The light of truth shines brighter as the world becomes spiritually darker. In the face of this increasing evil, people often begin to have serious questions about religion and faith. When these people seek answers, they see God as a God of compassion and love. In an environment fraught with terrible emotional and spiritual turmoil, many Christians and non-Christians look for comfort. Based on what viewers tell SAT-7, they often find it in our Christian programming. 

For example, SAT-7 received a letter from a young woman, Mirna, the daughter of a well-known religious leader. A friend had given Mirna several Christian CDs. While listening to these CDs, Mirna found a calming peace in which she could step away from the chaos of the world around her. Mirna began to watch a SAT-7 KIDS program, Bedtime Stories, from which she learned Bible stories that kindled love in her heart. Sadly, when Mirna began to share this peace with her family, she was banished from the family and home.

Earlier this summer, SAT-7 learned of tragic news involving Dany, a boy shot and killed in Libya for being a Christian. Dany’s mother, Mona, wrote a letter to the SAT-7 program From Me to You to share how her faith gave her a surprising comfort throughout a terrible period of her life. While friends and family were weeping for Dany, Mona found herself singing hymns. “Even I was shocked at my reaction,” Mona recalls. The peace she found in these hymns comforted her with the understanding that her son was in heaven.

These persecuted Christians are enduring and becoming stronger in their faith. Mirna found peace and was not shaken even as her family sent her away. Mona surprised onlookers at her son’s funeral by her confidence in Dany’s deliverance to heaven. Unfortunately, many Christians in the Middle East and North Africa have never met another Christian. Instead, they must seek fellowship with others via the programs on SAT-7. When seekers hear stories about strong Christians like Mirna, Dany or Mona, their own inner questions about faith are kindled.

SAT-7 programming also helps to bring awareness to the persecution of Christians. When viewers see how peaceful true Christians are, they can begin to understand how hate destroys them and their future. In the darkest of times, God’s love shines bright. 

    Point - September 2018

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