Pray for Nepal

Help Nepal

Dear Converge Family,

Please continue to pray for our team on the ground in Nepal. Today the death toll has climbed to 5,158 people, with 11,520 people injured. As rescue efforts continue and folks are pulled from the rubble, those numbers are expected to double.

Giving water to displaced families

The crisis for us is very real. These aren't just numbers to us. These are people, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our ministry partners in Kathmandu immediately went to work distributing tents, water and rice for the families of our church planters who have lost their homes. Due to more than 60 powerful aftershocks, many Nepalis are sleeping out in open fields, exposed to the elements. There has been torrential rain every evening. In addition to increasing hardships and hampering rescue efforts, the rains have been causing landslides, resulting in further casualties.

Pastor Shankar and his wife. Their home and church both collapsed.

UNICEF estimates that up to 1 million children have been affected by the disaster, and 450,000 people have been displaced from their homes.

Thank you to all who have responded to assist in relief efforts. We have reports from the field on what more is needed. If you feel compelled to help, click here to give toward Nepal Earthquake Relief.

Outside Pastor Shankar's badly damaged home.

We know we serve a God who works for the good of those who love him. Our sincere prayer is that he would use this tragedy as an opportunity  to show folks that the gods of Hinduism and Buddhism cannot save, but there is One who can. His name is Jesus.

These little girls were orphans who have been adopted by our church planters.

Would you join us in prayer? If you are able, would you join our team in providing relief?

We are grateful to God for you and are grateful for your generosity during this time.

Better Together,

Ivan Veldhuizen

Executive Director of International Ministries

    Point - September 2018

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