Point exclusive: Meet our president

Lisa and Scott Ridout

An interview with Scott Ridout

by Allison Hurtado

Who is Scott Ridout?

I am a loving husband, a passionate father, a grateful follower of Christ. I feel privileged to see what God's done in my life and is doing these days. I love sports. I love to coach. I love to bring out the best in people and help them excel at whatever their passion is. I am pretty boring. I like routine. Discipline is really important to me. I enjoy people yet get all my strength from my walk with God.

                Actually, I wasn’t disciplined for years, but crisis forced me to learn discipline. When you’re a busy person you have to decide the priorities in your life and make time for what’s really important to you. For example, I blew out my ankle when I was a teenager, but I always had a dream of playing in the father-son football games when my boys were in high school. So 10 years ago I gave up certain sports so that I would be able to play in those games. Discipline was a choice that allowed me to achieve my goal. (My team beat my older son Jon’s team. He’s now a college football player. I can’t beat his team anymore.)

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