Pastor's wife and daughter publish books chronicling mental illness

Flight from reason, mind estranged

Pastor Dave Yeiser and his wife, Karen, from First Baptist Church in Greenhills, Ohio, lived through the nightmare of having a daughter in grad school dropout, disappear and become homeless due to mental illness. 

By the grace of God their daughter, Bethany, was eventually restored. Karen and Bethany have written books chronicling their paralellel experiences. Their books display remarkable honesty and courage.

Karen's book is Flight from Reason: A Mother's Story of Schizophrenia, Recovery and Hope.

Bethany's book is Mind Estranged: My Journey from Schizophrenia and Homelessness to Recovery.

In a time when mental illness often is stigmatized in Christian circles, these books can go a long way in helping our understanding and moving us to greater degrees of compassion, more reflective of our Savior.

    Point - Fall 2017

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