New books from Converge authors

Unlikely Hero, by Duncan Robinson

This Converge pastor from Maricopa, Ariz., challenges ordinary people like us to become sold out to the character and leadership of Christ so that he will accomplish heroic things through us for his glory. Flips the script in traditional heroism and exposes the liberating truth that what seemingly guaranteed our place among the outcasts and forgotten are the primary catalysts to humility and surrender – the starting line of the unlikely hero.” Order from In God Press,

Come and FollowCome & Follow, by Jerry and Dee Sheveland

If fill-in-the-blank group Bible studies aren’t for you, this popular, insightful study of Mark’s Gospel by our Converge president and his wife is now available in reader-friendly paperback and e-book editions. Both incorporate new material and are designed for individual reading over a 40-day period. Order from or 800.323.4215.


Shedding Light on DarknessShedding Light on the Darkness: Dealing with the Issues of Suicide, by J. Michael Smith

This former Bethel Seminary student, and Converge church member, provides easy-to-read insight on a difficult subject. Offers hope, support and healing for those affected by suicide, and awareness and prevention methodology for those who are not. Help others stay in the light and not drift into darkness. Available in Kindle and paperback. Order in the Links tab at

Steeple EnvySteeple Envy, by Victor Cuccia

How did the church founded on a profoundly authentic Jesus become “judgmental,” “controlling,” “self-centered, “competitive” and “fake” in contemporary thinking? More important, how do we get back to authentic Christ-like living and transformative impact? The author, a Jacksonville, Fla., Converge pastor with a sacrificial heart for people in need, will shake up your thinking and your life. Kindle e-book available on Amazon.

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