Missionaries Honored For Length of Service

Brian Stankich, the director of Ministry Partner Discovery, announces the retroactive honoring of International Ministries (IM) missionaries who have celebrated service anniversaries.

In the spirit of Christ’s love and gratitude, we honor current missionaries who have served Converge Worldwide/Baptist General Conference for 10 or more years. Current missionaries and those who have resigned or retired during 2011 have been included for past unrecognized anniversaries. A few of these missionaries served overseas and then continued their service within the IM office. Note: the years listed may not be the total years of service in some cases.

Please celebrate the faithfulness of these missionaries who have rearranged their lives to spread the good news of Jesus Christ all over the world. Each missionary or missionary couple is being honored with a gift card and a certificate.

35 Years of Service

Gary and Doris Reynolds

30 Years of Service

Ruth Gollings
Dennis and Melody Nordine
Dick and Beverly Young

25 Years of Service

Mark and Helen Downing
Tom and Mary Lou Ellison
Mike and Marcia Flinchum
John and Elaine Mehn
Steve and Carol Smith

20 Years of Service

Mike and Sherry Borstad
Steve and Nopaluck Cable
Larry and Mary Caldwell
Lynn and Barb Conner
John and Lori De Cleene
David and Carol Jahnke
Eric and Janet Johnson
Scott and Ruth Millar
Becky O.
Steve and Debra Rowe
Chuck and Betty Selander
Paul and Margie Varberg
Kevin and Cynthia Walton
Joel and Barb Wright

15 Years of Service

Bruce and Julie A.
Thangi C.
Paul and Ana Hill
Mary Larsen
Doug and Stephanie Lewis
A couple serving in the Middle East
Wilondja and Shirley Masongezi
A couple who has served in Central Asia
Gary and Ruth Stephens

10 Years of Service

A couple who has served in sensitive locations
Jeff and Barb Chapman
Jane Fischer
Thom and Ellen Schotanus
Jim and Ina Smith
Rick and Carol Stark
Steve and Barbara Wilkinson

“He who pursues righteousness and loyalty finds life, righteousness and honor.”
Proverbs 21:21 NASB

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