Mexican pastors' wives retreat to Guadalajara

pastor's wife retreat

Converge missionaries Dan and MeLinda Nelson report: What a God ordained weekend it was! It was such an honor to be among 75 women who have given their hearts, their lives and their families to God’s service.  We were encouraged with glorious worship, Christ-centered challenges from the Word, soul-healing prayers, praying for each other and encouraging sweet fellowship with each other.  This is the first retreat of its kind in the history of this region.

The women represented four different like-faith denominations, and were served and pampered by 10 faithful, godly, servant and joyful women from the Rock-Southwest church in Denver, Colorado. God was honored and glorified and the pastor’s wives were pampered, appreciated, loved, thanked and encouraged to continue on in faithfulness in the communities where God has called them and their families. Thank you for your prayers for the ladies and giving for this weekend to happen.

    Point - September 2018

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