Men Who Stink of Sheep

by Bob Putman, Director of Communications
The Christmas Story

Read Luke 2: 8-14 

Except when they deliver sheep to the Temple in Jerusalem, the Bethlehem shepherds are treated as social outcasts, ceremonially unclean and suspected as thieves. Yet after Mary and Joseph, they are the first to hear the gospel. God reveals his greatest news first to the poor, foolish and weak of this world, not the priestly caste or nobility.

Suddenly, an angel of the Lord stood in their midst, and a brilliant supernatural light shines around them. The shepherds shake in awe and fear. But as the angel speaks, first calming their fears and then announcing the arrival of the long-awaited Savior, their terror becomes surprise and then great joy. God’s messenger promises peace, not judgment. And they, who stink of sheep, can find this newborn Savior right in town, resting in a manger.

Now the sky fills with an army of angels singing a gospel of peace between God and his people. Only once before―hundreds of years earlier―had such a display occurred, to the prophet Isaiah (Isa. 6). At that time the angels announced the kingdom was coming. Now the heavenly heralds sing of its arrival. And these men whom the world rejects, despised and humble of heart, will be the first to meet him.

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