Meet Wiseline

What happens after One by One Haiti? Does schooling really break the pattern of poverty many Haitian children are born into? For some it does. Wiseline Pierre is on the road to a much better future.

In Haiti, going to school is a privilege. In a poor family with lots of boys, girls stand little chance of getting more than an elementary education. Wiseline has six brothers. Without sponsorship, she would not have continued her education through high school.

Wiseline graduated from Melchizedek Baptist School and the One by One program in 2013. In order to attend university, students must study for one year, called 13th grade, to pass entrance exams. Wiseline studied hard but failed the exams. Having come so far, she was not about to give up. She spent another year studying and successfully passed in August 2015. Her former sponsor is so impressed with Wiseline’s determination to succeed, she has committed to help Wiseline through the nursing school which she begins this fall.

Meet Wiseline and her former sponsor to learn how sponsorship opens opportunities.


    Point - September 2018

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