Meet Robenson

Robenson vowed never to beg. He says, “I want to be responsible.” With his entrepreneurial spirit, Robenson has found ways to raise money for his personal needs, while his One by One sponsor covers his school fees at Melchizedek Baptist School. Robenson gets little support at home. His mother, whom he is closest to, and his sister live in the Dominican Republic. Robenson eagerly waits for them to come back to visit him in Maissade.

In the meantime, Robenson makes the most of his opportunities. He believes God will supply his needs, but he needs to work hard, assume responsibility and watch for the ways God wants to bless him. Those values have made him a hard-working student, a leader in his church and already a young businessman at age 18.

He personifies the value of educating the youth of Haiti today to be its leaders for tomorrow. Meet Robenson and learn of his faith and enterprise.


    Point - September 2018

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