Meet Henry

No matter where they live, parents want the best for their children. But what happens when injury prevents a father from earning a living? Henry Saint Flime was working hard to give his boys a better life in Haiti. He taught himself English so he could work as an interpreter. He was trained as a plumber and worked in construction. But a terrible motorcycle accident in 2014 left him barely able to walk. Henry could no longer earn a sufficient living to support his family. His oldest boy, Carlens, was in first grade at Paradise of Children School in Leogane. Henry could not pay Carlen’s school fees. Paradise School accepts students from families unable to cover school fees in full, but even partial payment for tuition is a hardship for families trying to supply basic needs. Carlens was enrolled in One by One Haiti and was soon sponsored. His school fees are now paid in full, relieving Henry of this burden.

As a bonus, Carlen’s sponsor found another sponsor for Henry’s younger son. Marc Henry began attending the preschool program at Paradise School, preparing him to succeed as a student in the primary and secondary grades.

Meet Henry and his boys and hear a father’s heart for his children.


    Point - September 2018

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