Life Church

Churches Make Christmas Season Impact

Here are a few reports from Converge churches that made an impact this Christmas season:

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Converge Exponential

5 Things I Learned About Leadership as a Church Planter

At the Exponential Conference last year I had the opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learned about leadership as a church planter.

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2016: A Year to Celebrate

2016 has been a great year of ministry for Converge. By God’s grace, we have seen thousands decide to acknowledge Jesus as Savior, and the number of baptisms across our movement continues to rise. Many...

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The Christmas Story

Men Who Stink of Sheep

Read Luke 2: 8-14 

Except when they deliver sheep to the Temple in Jerusalem, the Bethlehem shepherds are treated as social outcasts, ceremonially unclean and suspected as thieves. Yet after Mary and Joseph, they are the...

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Hope Community Church

Bridging the Gap Between the Tracks

Don and Barb Winters were driving through Wildwood, Florida, to visit Barb’s parents. They live in the Villages, an upscale retirement community located just north of Orlando. As the Winters drove through Wildwood, they noticed dilapidated...

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New Books from Converge Authors (Winter 2017)

Dating Backyard Dogs: A Guide to Christian Dating, by Linn Winters

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The Christmas Story

A Journey Made

Read Luke 2:1-7

The story is so familiar, too spare in its detail to satisfy our curiosity. Yet Luke alone includes it in his Gospel. Why?

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Skokie Valley Baptist Church

The Bumpy, Rewarding Road to Diversity

In the picturesque village of Wilmette, Illinois, you’ll find Skokie Valley Baptist Church. Wilmette is a Northshore suburb of Chicago bordering Lake Michigan. There are diverse...

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An Angel Speaks

To celebrate Christ's coming, we share a series of four blogs this Advent season. 

Read Matthew 1:18-25

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