Victory Church

Youth Sports Launches a Church

According to Forbes magazine, youth sports is a $7 billion industry, and roughly 35 million kids participate yearly in some form of organized sports. Parents tirelessly shuttle their kids to practices and games for opportunities to watch...

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stories from the field

Stories From the Field: Mary

This story comes from a Converge medical worker, who is a physical therapist in Africa. Here is the story of a new believer in her own words.

We made a visit to *Mary, a recent follower of Jesus who is handicapped. During our...

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Corona International Christian Fellowship

20 Years of Faithfulness: From Veterinarian to Pastor

Ed Dacio wanted to be a successful, wealthy veterinarian with his own practice. Born in the United States, when Ed was 13, his father retired from the U.S. Navy and moved the family back to the Philippines. After Ed finished college, he moved to...

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Converge Missions

Lord, Give me Courage

“Lord, give me courage.” I offer this much-needed prayer much less than I should.

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5 Keys to Prepare a Plant That Blooms

There are many ways to plant a healthy, life-giving church, and they all begin with preparation. Most church planters suggest the type of church and the planting method depend on where you are planting and who you hope to reach.

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Exponential East + Converge Pre-Con

Exponential East + Converge Pre-Con: Taking Risks

Exponential 2017 + Converge Pre-Con kicked off last Monday afternoon in Orlando, Florida, with three Converge speakers. George Bedlion III, pastor of Whitewater Church, Puyallup, Washington, planted with Converge in 2012. George told the group of...

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Northshore Community Church

From Church Pastor to Chaplain

At Northshore Community Church, Kirkland, Washington, pastor Jonathan Alexander has a healthy congregation that is planting churches, sending missionaries and engaging in the local community...

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Grace Baptist Church, St. Paul, Nebraska

What Happens When a Rural Church Doesn't Give up?

In the spring of 2015, Grace Church, in St. Paul, Nebraska, a church without a pastor and an average attendance of 40-45 people, took a very hard look at the way it was doing ministry. Under...

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The Vertical Church

The Lifelong Stopover to Yuma

“Why would you plant in Yuma?” It’s a question pastor Jason Taylor tends to get quite often. Arizonans see the town of 130,000 as the stopover between Phoenix and San Diego. It’s where they take a break during the commute. Jason says most people...

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Converge Church Planting

Creating a Volunteer-Friendly Church

“Help… we are in need of volunteers!”

If you have attended a church for any length of time, you have heard or said that sentence more times than you can count. Every church I have attended since childhood, has struggled with...

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