Converge Church Planting

Is your church like a garage?

I love my garage. When we moved from Arizona to Orlando, I wanted to make sure we bought a house with extra room in the garage. I use my garage to store my car and work on it. We also have an extra freezer, paint, bikes and whole lot...

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Jeff Vanderstelt

Gospel Saturation can’t happen in a building: 5 ways to equip disciples as gospel ministers

Habakkuk 2:14 speaks of a day when “The knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.” That is a saturation pointa time in which everywhere you go, the knowledge...

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Dennis McMains

Every story matters

As I stepped off the plane in Warsaw, Poland, God once again gave me a shot of adrenaline for what was ahead on this ministry trip. Immediately, as I walked through the airport, I saw face after face after face, making eye contact with strangers...

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Wear Orange

Wear Orange Sunday: The value of identifying with persecuted Christians

As I look out at our church family wearing orange T-shirts, I feel both joy and great sorrow. We are intentionally identifying with the persecuted church around the world. I’m proud of this bunch. In a...

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Genesis Church

An alcoholic finds God and a job in a church plant

Mike Gee was losing control. He was hiding his alcohol use from his family and his wife to be. When they were together, he’d go into the kitchen to sneak a drink. He wouldn’t let her see. He resigned from his teaching job of 10 years because he...

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One by One Haiti

Milande's Wedding: A child sponsorship comes full circle

In 2005 Tim Hvidsten was on his way back to Haiti to meet with 6-year-old Rudia Joseph, the girl he sponsored, and to do some construction at Melchizedek Baptist School. While on that trip he met a dozen of the top high school students. Eleven...

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Church Health

5 states of church health

Converge Church Strengthening is a work in progress. We asked three Converge leaders to tell us where it's headed. 

>>> What are the five states of church health?

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Converge + Exponential

Why attend Exponential?

Exponential East is here. And it’s sold out. I am looking forward to spending the week with 5000 church planters, pastors and leaders sold out to Jesus and his church.

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How to keep your childlike faith

I’ve noticed that my spiritual progression often reflects my age progression. Here’s what I mean — as I grow older as an adult…

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develop leaders

How to stay mentally tough in the midst of ministry chaos

I don’t know about you, but I am finding I need to work harder these days to maintain a healthy attitude. 

The chaos of this worldfrom terrorism to politics and natural disasters to human crueltycan be so...

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