HMET upgrades One by One Haiti program

Haitian Ministry Expansion Team

Six members of the Haitian Ministry Expansion Team met March 10-11 in Orlando, Fla. On Monday, a select committee of the HMET met to discuss the One by One evaluation prepared by Brain Beakhouse and Paul François. The committee determined upgrades and improvements for the U.S. side of the program. Recommendations for change and actions steps were compiled. A One by One executive board is being formed to lead the program forward as these changes are implemented.

On Tuesday, Converge partner pastor Lunique Yoyo (pictured), director of Melchizedek Baptist School, Maissade, Haiti, joined the meeting. Further evaluations were discussed. Upgrades and action steps for the Haitian side of the program were compiled. The HMET is greatly encouraged with the progress made at these meetings.

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