Five Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Muslims

By Samya Johnson, Call of Love Ministries

The atrocious videos and appalling reports about ISIS and other Islamic militant groups make many of us tremble at the sight of a veiled Muslim woman walking in the mall behind her bearded, frowning husband. This is the natural reaction that is expected. But let’s stop for a moment and check five reasons why we should not allow fear to make us forget we are on a mission when we meet a Muslim.

1. Your Muslim neighbors are probably from the majority of Muslims (90 percent) who do not follow true Islam, and who do not believe in killing or harming non-Muslims. Even if they were from the minority 10 percent of devout Muslims, God can use you if you are willing to show them Christ’s love through your words and deeds.

2. Most Muslim immigrants come to the West because their own countries do not treat them fairly and do not offer a successful future for their children. These Muslims want to live peaceful lives and raise their children in the free world. They continue to practice their religion out of duty, not because they understand its teachings. 

3. You might be surprised to know that as a true Christ-follower you have more in common with a Muslim immigrant than with a liberal atheist. Most

  • Believe in the Creator.
  • Believe there is hell and judgment day.
  • Have conservative family values and monitor what their children watch and read.
  • Believe that hospitality and community life are part of who they are.

4. Muslims are as hesitant to initiate contact with you as you are with them. They are aware of your fears and of the images of suicide bombers you may recall when they come near you.
5. God did not give us the spirit of fear, so when you feel afraid, know that this is from Satan. God wants to give you courage, boldness and compassion to start a conversation with your Muslim neighbor.

Muslims need to hear about Jesus!
You might not be aware that in almost every Islamic country thousands of Muslims are rejecting the faith of their forefathers every day and embracing Christ as Lord. Some are young college Iranians; others are previously devout Muslim scholars in Egypt and Indonesia; many are refugees from Iraq and Syria who have fled to Lebanon, Jordan and Western countries. 

Begin exploring the possibilities of reaching your Muslim neighbor today. Then allow God to use you. Who knows, your smile, warm greeting or an invitation for coffee could be the beginning of a spiritual journey with your new Muslim friend. 
Learn more about Call of Love Ministries and their mission to reach Muslims for Christ.

    Point - September 2018

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