Feeling God's presence in a powerful way

The Timothy Initiative's Beautiful Feet conference

Converge International Ministries executive director Ivan Veldhuizen and his wife Susan recently attended The Timothy Initiative's Beautiful Feet conference in Nepal. More than 1,000 church planters from around the country gathered in Kathmandu, the capital, for three days of worship, teaching and encouragement. The Veldhuizens found it a powerful experience.

Between sessions, Susan noticed a woman with a badly burned face gazing at her from a balcony. The woman was serving in the kitchen. Whenever their eyes met, the woman would turn away in shame. Said Susan, “My heart ached for her. I caught many women staring at me because of my blonde hair, but this woman was different. She hid in the shadows and was too ashamed to come out.

“At the end of the conference, Ivan and I were being videotaped, and again I saw her staring at me from inside the kitchen. When we were done I sought her to thank her for her service. At first she turned away. But I went up to her and gave her a great big hug. She just clung to me and wept as I prayed over her and told her how grateful I was for her. I told her she was a beautiful servant of Jesus and she is perfect in His sight. I'm not sure if she could understand a word of English, but her face lit up with joy as she looked deep into my eyes. I felt God's presence in a powerful way as we both came away from that experience extremely moved and encouraged.”

    Point - September 2018

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