Epikos Church works to combat malnutrition in Guatemala

Freckled Fox Photography

If a child doesn't have proper nutrition in the first 1,000 days of her life, her brain development is compromised. 

Epikos Church visited Colotenango, Guatemala, last month to establish a 10-year partnership with Food For the Hungry. Pastor Danny Parmelee says it's a great opportunity to help with education about nutrition. FH puts together a long-range plan to help get the community on their feet.

"As you can see in the photos, the women in the village have started learning how to weigh and measure their children to identify if they are getting proper food," Parmelee said. "FH and Epikos won't just be providing food, but also teaching them about nutrition."

Parmelee and his team also learned Guatemalan soil is perfect for coffee, but it's not great for gardening. The soil doesn't naturally grow radishes, potatoes and other vegetables that help combat chronic nutrition, which is what the teams from Epikos will focus on. As part of the 10-year plan, they will also build a health center.  

The team will be heading back to Guatemala in August to help build community gardens.

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