Converge missionaries return from Ethiopia

Converge missionaries

A team of 10 people from LifeBridge Church, San Diego, Calif., along with two people from other churches, recently returned from 12 days in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Working primarily in small, impoverished villages outside the city of Finote Selam, the team trained parents and village leaders how to recognize common tactics used by human traffickers.

Traffickers visit these villages and promise parents that, if they pay for airfare to send their children to other countries, their kids will receive an education or a high-paying job and then will send money home to their families. Parents often borrow large amounts of money at outrageously high interest rates to send their children away. Most of the children end up working in slave-like, domestic worker jobs or in prostitution. A few die en route. Very few are ever able to contact their parents again.

Alongside human trafficking awareness, the team was able to present the gospel to almost every family they visited and many prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Read more about what they did here.

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