Converge feeds 550 Syrian refugee families

Syrian refugee outreach

In May an Arab Christian ministry partner of Converge Worldwide provided food and medical aid to 550 Syrian refugee families through local churches near the city of Amman, Jordan. Near $10,000 in food assistance, water, medicine, crutches and wheelchairs made it possible for 550 families to have enough to eat for a month. Jordan has an estimated 800,000 Syrians who have fled the fighting, with another 1 million estimated to arrive over the summer. The situation for these people is dire as noted in this story:

“We were able to help a man named Salaam (which means ‘peace’ in Arabic) and his wife, the owner of a clothing factory, who are from Aleppo. Most of his family fled to America when the fighting began. Salaam decided to move to a nearby town and wait out the fighting. One day militants arrived at his home and forced Salaam and his wife to stand in their yard. Each was stripped naked and mercilessly interrogated. After the soldiers left, the couple fled their home immediately and hid for hours in an abandoned building. Knowing that the soldiers would return, Salaam sent his wife, daughter and mother to a relative’s house, where they hid for over two weeks while he made preparations to leave Syria.

On the way to visit his family, he was kidnapped, beaten and kept blindfolded in a building for four days. Since Salaam was known in the community as a successful business owner, the militants attempted to collect a ransom for him. Miraculously, he was rescued by friends and taken to join his family. Leaving everything behind, Salaam and his family crossed the border into Jordan six months ago, where they now live in a crowded, disease-ridden building with dozens of others.”

Thank you for your compassionate care.

You can help these refugees through local Christians by giving online at, or write a check to Converge World Relief and mail it to Converge Worldwide, 2002 S. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Please note on the check: Syrian Refuge Relief, project 10695.

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