Church, pizza and a movie

Main Feature Theater & Pizza Pub

Iron Ridge Church in Waukon, Iowa, isn't your average Converge church. After purchasing the Main Feature Theatre & Pizza Pub in October 2007, they decided to keep the restaurant and use the theater as the sanctuary. Throughout the week they show PG and PG-13 movies, but it was time for a renovation.

A team renovated the Main Feature Theatre in February and in just two weeks it was ready for a grand reopening. The menu was updated and now features popcorn and the famous pizza. The theater is known for its creative offerings such as the “Mac and Me” pizza topped with thousand island dressing, beef, lettuce, onions and pickles and mozzarella cheese -- sound like a familiar burger? If you’re in Waukon, be sure to visit. All income from the theater goes to planting new churches in Iowa.

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