Christian counselor and life coach to speak at network gathering


Dwight Bain, president and founder of the LifeWorks Group in Orlando, will be a special guest speaker at the Adult Ministry Leaders Network Gathering in January. Dwight is a nationally certified counselor, executive coach, critical incident intervention specialist, licensed pastoral counselor and an ordained Baptist minister. He is known for his dynamic speaking and training skills and has encouraged leaders in both ministry and corporate environments.

Dwight will be addressing the issues of transition and change that occur throughout the adult lifespan. Leaders who minister to adults from ages 25-105 will benefit from his presentation.

Dwight will be speaking to the Adult Ministry Leaders Network Gathering on Tuesday afternoon, January 24, 2012, from 2-4 pm. To register, visit The Adult Ministry Leaders Network is hosted by Converge 2nd ½ Ministries and is for leaders interested in spiritual formation and growth in adults of all ages.

For more information about Dwight Bain, his counseling practice or his speaking career visit

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