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For the love of its community, Iowa church cancels services

After helping to clean up a homeless camp in Des Moines, Iowa, John, a police officer, returned the next day to serve a warrant to a man at the camp. Despite being served the warrant, the man remembered John and thanked him for his work the previous day.

Sarah was working with a nonprofit...

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Wyoming church shows love, compassion through Thanksgiving baskets

Several years ago God gave Sandy Johnson a vision. What if local families in need were able to have a Thanksgiving meal at home instead of going to a drop-in center or city mission? Wouldn’t that communicate love, compassion and infuse the recipients with dignity?

Johnson, a senior staff...

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Veterans Day: Take time to thank a veteran

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Phil. 1:3)

This week, in honor of Veterans Day, my Boy Scout son served meals to over 100 veterans at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter. His high school flew more than 50 national flags in front of the school in honor of our...

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10 ways to reach your rural community

I imagine that if you are reading this you have a heart to reach your community with the gospel. It won’t happen by accident. We must get creative. We must think outside the box. We must be willing to try things that fail to arrive at things that work.

Pastor Craig Groeschel says, “To...

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Churches unite to help pastor, community that lost homes in wildfire

The concept of a phoenix “rising from the ashes” is nothing new in popular culture. Originating in Greek mythology, this bird lives a long life before suddenly bursting into flames and perishing. From its ashes, the story goes, a new phoenix emerges, ready to begin again.

Admittedly, this...

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Converge churches working together in wake of hurricane

“We are…rooted, reaching, better together.”

With one simple click, a visitor to the Converge web page can find these words used to describe its mission. Rooted in the gospel. Reaching locally and globally. Improving as it moves forward. Coming together as a family of churches to encourage...

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Wear Orange Sunday: The value of identifying with persecuted Christians

As I look out at our church family wearing orange T-shirts, I feel both joy and great sorrow. We are intentionally identifying with the persecuted church around the world. I’m proud of this bunch. In a culture of fear and conformity, they are standing up for...

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Milande's Wedding: A child sponsorship comes full circle

In 2005 Tim Hvidsten was on his way back to Haiti to meet with 6-year-old Rudia Joseph, the girl he sponsored, and to do some construction at Melchizedek Baptist School. While on that trip he met a dozen of the top high school students. Eleven were boys, and there was one girl, Milande Berson....

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Prison, freedom and baptism

Imagine a women’s prison where 22 ladies dressed in drab green prison garb meet in a special room overseen by guards. One by one, each inmate reads her faith story about trusting Jesus alone for the forgiveness of sins, professing devotion to God. The stories are filled with brokenness,...

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Two wonderful kids, just in time for Thanksgiving

Woodridge Church, Medina, Minnesota, and the four other churches in its Aspen Grove Network have set a goal. It’s not a typical church goal such as attendance growth or planting a multisite. It’s much more personal. Senior pastor Paul Johnson has led community outreach efforts for decades, from...

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