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African-American, Anglo churches merge in Oakland

A beautiful picture of racial unity around the gospel has emerged in Oakland, California.

This past June, The Way Church, a Converge congregation of predominantly African-American families, and Oakland Communion, a Christian Reformed congregation of mostly Anglo young singles, joined...

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Unfiltered: Real Church Planting Conversations podcast focuses on between-the-lines church planting issues

Lee Stephenson and Danny Parmelee have firsthand experience with the highs and lows that come with being a church planter.

They are eager to share their experiences with fellow planters as hosts of a new Converge podcast dedicated to church planting called “Unfiltered: Real Church...

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Youth group rebel who planted a church

Ryan Rice grew up in a Christian home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He knew the Word, and went to church but at the age of 13 was having sex and into the mantra “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” He completely turned his back on his upbringing. Ryan says he wasn’t great at sports, but he was really...

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Who Likes Change?

Who likes change? With it, there is always uncertainty, adjustments, a learning curve and hassles. We would usually choose to live without change. Regardless of our wishes, however, change is an inevitable part of progress.

Things are changing in...

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How Friendly is Your Church?

Research shows that if you have a wonderful experience, whether it’s at a church, restaurant or retail store, you’ll tell seven people. If it’s terrible you’ll tell over 50.

My wife and I secret shop many churches in our area of Phoenix to check out their guest services. Many churches say...

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Youth Sports Launches a Church

According to Forbes magazine, youth sports is a $7 billion industry, and roughly 35 million kids participate yearly in some form of organized sports. Parents tirelessly shuttle their kids to practices and games for opportunities to watch them play and exercise. Youth athletics teach...

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Exponential East + Converge Pre-Con: Taking Risks

Exponential 2017 + Converge Pre-Con kicked off last Monday afternoon in Orlando, Florida, with three Converge speakers. George Bedlion III, pastor of Whitewater Church, Puyallup, Washington, planted with Converge in 2012. George told the group of over 140 why it is important to reach out to non-...

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The Lifelong Stopover to Yuma

“Why would you plant in Yuma?” It’s a question pastor Jason Taylor tends to get quite often. Arizonans see the town of 130,000 as the stopover between Phoenix and San Diego. It’s where they take a break during the commute. Jason says most people only see Yuma from the interstate, but for him it’...

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Creating a Volunteer-Friendly Church

“Help… we are in need of volunteers!”

If you have attended a church for any length of time, you have heard or said that sentence more times than you can count. Every church I have attended since childhood, has struggled with having enough volunteers.

Here’s the reality:...

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