Mobilize Churches

Churches unite to help pastor, community that lost homes in wildfire

The concept of a phoenix “rising from the ashes” is nothing new in popular culture. Originating in Greek mythology, this bird lives a long life before suddenly bursting into flames and perishing. From its ashes, the story goes, a new phoenix emerges, ready to begin again.

Admittedly, this...

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What Happens When a Rural Church Doesn't Give up?

In the spring of 2015, Grace Church, in St. Paul, Nebraska, a church without a pastor and an average attendance of 40-45 people, took a very hard look at the way it was doing ministry. Under the direction of interim pastor Al Magnuson, this...

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Merging Churches Bridge Racial Tension

Several years ago Andre and Peggy Murphy moved to Montana to pastor an existing church. Commissioned and sent by Dr. Robin Holland’s congregation at Living Hope Baptist Church in Aurora, Colorado, the Murphys felt supported in taking the lead. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned. They...

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Elim Baptist: A light in the City of Detroit

For 100 years, Elim Baptist Church has been a steadfast beacon of light in Detroit, Michigan. In 1916 several families began the first meetings with eight people. They continued to grow and incorporated as the First Swedish Church of Detroit on October 22, 1916. They sent their first missionary...

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Bringing love to Lafayette

Twelve years ago, John Newman moved his family from Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Lafayette, Louisiana. He took a position as a small groups pastor/ministry director. The transition from the Midwest to Cajun culture, which is extremely close knit and spans generations, proved he had a lot of learning...

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Sandy Hook moms share God's love

Back on December 14, 2012, families in Newtown, Connecticut, faced one of the most-tragic mass shootings in the history of the United States when a lone gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Among the 26 victims were Catherine Hubbard and Caroline Previdi, both just 6 years old....

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Coffee creates community vibe

(Sun Current staff photo by Chris Chesky)

Ben Saine (above, r.) knew he wanted to open a coffee shop someday. He and his wife Betsy worked at a Starbucks...

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Free lunch brings kids to church and churches together

It was 1999. A handful of youth pastors in Hutchinson, Minnesota, were taking kids to lunch, and some parents were opening their homes to serve...

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Church, pizza and a movie

Iron Ridge Church in Waukon, Iowa, isn't your average Converge church. After purchasing the Main Feature Theatre & Pizza Pub in October 2007, they decided to keep the restaurant...

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Partner: The Timothy Initiative

Converge Worldwide partners with other organizations to plant churches and reach nations.

The Timothy Initiative assists church planters who need help with balanced biblical and theological training throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. What started as a ministry of Grace Fellowship...

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