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Churches unite to help pastor, community that lost homes in wildfire

The concept of a phoenix “rising from the ashes” is nothing new in popular culture. Originating in Greek mythology, this bird lives a long life before suddenly bursting into flames and perishing. From its ashes, the story goes, a new phoenix emerges, ready to begin again.

Admittedly, this...

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Will you leave an eternal impact?

Early in my tenure, we were at the brink of financial ruin. Through dramatic changes in our spending, and God’s provision through estate gifts, we gradually moved away from that brink and steadily progressed into the strong financial position we hold today.

Most of the bequest gifts we...

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7 Ways to Build Generous Givers

How do we build generosity? It starts with an evaluation of your present situation. First, you need to calculate your unit giving. Take your total giving on a Sunday and divide it by the number of adults. The average-per-person giving for an average church is between $12 to $24. Now, when we...

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2016: A Year to Celebrate

2016 has been a great year of ministry for Converge. By God’s grace, we have seen thousands decide to acknowledge Jesus as Savior, and the number of baptisms across our movement continues to rise. Many of our existing churches continue to grow in...

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5 ways to increase giving

 "I wish we just had more money.” I have heard many pastors say that very thing. The reality is, ministry and money go hand-in-hand. Pastors often feel under the gun to generate more money to help fund more ministry initiatives. Most pastors aren't lacking vision as much as they are funding...

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Food for life

Haiti has received a lot of aid for a lot of years. Has it made any difference? What are the answers for its long-term problems of poverty and lack of education? Converge believes God can provide these answers as churches and individuals follow the call of God to invest in the people and nation...

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Pastor recognized for impact on community

Helping to raise $10,000 to rebuild a dilapidated fire station is one thing, but to be recognized for community involvement is another. TheRiver Church, Lapel, Indiana, recognized a need of the Lapel Stony Creek Fire Station and responded...

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Northwest church gives community free place to shop

When Julie and Kevin Hanford started an Orphan Care Ministry at Cascade Church, Monroe, Washington, in December 2014, they knew it wasn’t all they were going to do. Pastor Nate Hettinga and his wife Amy...

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Haitian student dreams of studying in the States

by Sheldon Erickson

On my first visit to Haiti, a young man walked up and introduced himself, saying in deeply accented English, “Hello, I am Robenson. How are you?” Like most Haitians, Robenson is friendly. But like few, he asked for nothing but my friendship.


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9-year-old skips B-day presents—buys chickens for Ethiopia

When Abby Shue celebrated her ninth birthday in November, she had a chicken party. But it wasn't just a cute theme, there was a purpose -- to donate chickens to families in Ethiopia. 

When Abby's brother was 4 years old, he bought ducks through World Vision. Two years ago he...

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