Boyet Lisbe: When missions comes full circle

Boyet Lisbe

When Boyet Lisbe stepped off the plane from the Philippines, onto U.S. soil for the first time, it was wonderful. He couldn't believe how organized the California roads were. He soon learned he didn't like the taste or smell of Mexican food, but he knew why he was there: to continue his education in becoming a leader and a teacher for Jesus Christ.

Lisbe's journey to California began in 1999 at Santisuk English School in Bangkok, Thailand. There, he says, Converge missionary Mary Larsen helped him gain the confidence to speak in English, which has proved very useful as he has grown in his ministry. 

Boyet leading worship

Lisbe leading worship.

He went on to study at Baptist Theological College in Cebu, Philippines, where he met John Baxter, his eventual mentor and friend. Baxter mentored Lisbe on Boyet's pathway to earn his doctor of ministry degree from the Cebu Graduate School of Theology.

"I first met Boyet during his senior year at BTC in Cebu," Baxter said. "It has been one of my greatest joys to see him progress in his love for Christ and grow into positions of leadership, ministry and education."

Lisbe graduated with his doctorate in 2014 and immediately took on multiple leadership roles. Baxter says this rarely happens.

"A foreign missionary’s goal is to replace himself with an indigenous leader. In the area of theological education this has often proved difficult, especially [with students] from poorer areas," Baxter said. "Not so for Boyet and his wife, Daryl. They have steadfastly remained committed to serving Christ among their fellow Filipinos in the central islands of the Philippines."

Daryl Lisbe leading children's ministries

Daryl leading children's ministries.

With his doctorate complete, Lisbe now serves as acting president of BTC while the current president takes a year-long sabbatical. Next year Lisbe will train other Filipino leaders to teach the gospel.

His daughter Thia brings joy into Lisbe's life. After he and Daryl prayed for two years about their desire to adopt, God answered their prayers.

"God provided for all of our needs. Our adoption lawyer gave us pro bono service," he said. "God brought people into our lives who encouraged us and even assisted us financially to give Thia the best care we possibly can."

Thia Lisbe

Thia, now 3 years old, is a constant reminder to Lisbe and Daryl of God's unwavering love and the need to share Jesus with the next generation.

"I learned a lot about what it means to become a father to Thia as well as about God's personal dealings with me as a son," he said. "Every time I ponder my relationship with my daughter, I'm reminded of God's loving kindness to me and my family."

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