Avon, Conn., team serves Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees

A 15-member short-term missions team from Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, Conn., traveled to Jordan February 13-22 to serve Syrian civil war refugees there. The team conducted six days of clinics in churches across four cities, starting just 10 miles from the Syrian border. At the border site they provided aid to those who recently fled Syria and were recovering from war wounds such as gunshots, chemical warfare burns, bombings and emotional trauma.

The dental team conducted more than 500 extractions and hundreds of cleanings and consultations. In total, the team provided care to nearly 1200 patients. For the many patients who expressed feelings of isolation and anxiety, the clinics helped them recognize the church is there to care for their physical and spiritual needs. One of the most rewarding moments came when patients expressed gratitude for being treated with acceptance, compassion and love. Local ministries offered to follow up. You can help by givng here.

    Point - September 2018

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