September 2017

Here, near & far

Here, Near & Far

“I don’t know why you’re traveling all over the world when there’s so much to do right here!” an exasperated friend expressed to me with strong emotion. I’ve heard similar statements from pastors: “When we get things fixed here, we can think of...

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Our Next 10 Years

At the conclusion of a long season of ministry, Jesus walks with his disciples near Caesarea Philippi. Over the past couple of years these disciples, personally chosen by Jesus to be with him and trained by him, had witnessed many remarkable...

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Converge Responds: Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Update—Converge Responds: Hurricane Irma

Thank you for your prayers for the Caribbean islands and the Southeastern United States in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Converge churches and communities across the islands and the Southeast are in the process of recovering from the destruction...

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New Books from Converge Authors (Fall 2017)

The Edge: God's Power Perfected in WeaknessThe Edge: God’s Power Perfected in Weakness, by Dave &...

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