April 2017

Northshore Community Church

From Church Pastor to Chaplain

At Northshore Community Church, Kirkland, Washington, pastor Jonathan Alexander has a healthy congregation that is planting churches, sending missionaries and engaging in the local community...

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Grace Baptist Church, St. Paul, Nebraska

What Happens When a Rural Church Doesn't Give up?

In the spring of 2015, Grace Church, in St. Paul, Nebraska, a church without a pastor and an average attendance of 40-45 people, took a very hard look at the way it was doing ministry. Under...

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The Vertical Church

The Lifelong Stopover to Yuma

“Why would you plant in Yuma?” It’s a question pastor Jason Taylor tends to get quite often. Arizonans see the town of 130,000 as the stopover between Phoenix and San Diego. It’s where they take a break during the commute. Jason says most people...

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    Point - September 2018

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