February 2017

Converge Missions

Leadership: The Great Balancing Act

These thoughts were written when I was a pastor. As I reflect on them now, I realize that they...

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Try Local to Go Global

Transform 2017 hosted a missions pastors track. It was a helpful time of sharing and peer learning focused on the local church...

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7 Ways to Build Generous Givers

How do we build generosity? It starts with an evaluation of your present situation. First, you need to calculate your unit giving. Take your total giving on a Sunday and divide it by the number of adults. The average-per-person giving for an...

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Converge Church Planting

Game Changer for the Rural Church

Loudonville, Ohio, is a quaint village of roughly 2300 people. It has two dollar stores, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, two family-run diners, a grocery store and 17 churches in about three square miles. The village is known for its Mohican...

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church strengthening

7 Ways to Become a Resilient Pastor

Does the never-ending list of pastors who have either flamed out, dropped out or copped out depress you? Does it scare you? Or both? If they can’t go the distance, how can we? 

Is it possible we need to be more intentional about...

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