October 2016

Elim Baptist Church

Elim Baptist: A light in the City of Detroit

For 100 years, Elim Baptist Church has been a steadfast beacon of light in Detroit, Michigan. In 1916 several families began the first meetings with eight people. They continued to grow and incorporated as the First Swedish Church of Detroit on...

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leadership culture

Creating a Culture of Leaders

Where do I find high-capacity leaders? That’s a question and challenge any leader of an organization has asked. When it comes to leadership, you can’t recruit high-level leaders without first developing a culture to do so.


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Five Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Muslims

The atrocious videos and appalling reports about ISIS and other Islamic militant groups make many of us tremble at the sight of a veiled Muslim woman walking in the mall behind her bearded, frowning husband. This is the natural reaction that is...

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Converge Diversity

Why Diversity Matters

Everyone is talking about diversity. From racial tensions to Cultural Intelligence*, diversity is the new “it” factor. The question the church wants answered is this: Why does diversity matter? There are two answers: diversity matters because...

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leadership development

Creating Courageous Leaders

Courage is an essential characteristic of leaders. Through a recent study of Joshua’s leadership, I was again convicted that, for godly leadership, courage is absolutely essential. After all, God told...

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The New J

A Dying Wish Leads to Hundreds Coming to Christ

Lingling knew more than those who loved her that she was soon to see Jesus face to face. As we visited her in the hospital, she challenged us to accept the TV show her husband’s family offered us. “Right now you influence a few hundred people. On...

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bible translation

Teresa's Remote Challenge: Creating Alphabets to Reach the Unreached

Teresa* grew up in Southeast Asia, as her parents were planting churches in extremely rugged terrain in the Himalayan foothills. Her parents began working there when there were 20 churches. Today, largely because of their efforts, there are...

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