April 2016

Church Health

5 states of church health

Converge Church Strengthening is a work in progress. We asked three Converge leaders to tell us where it's headed. 

>>> What are the five states of church health?

1. A Dysfunctional Church


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Converge + Exponential

Why attend Exponential?

Exponential East is here. And it’s sold out. I am looking forward to spending the week with 5000 church planters, pastors and leaders sold out to Jesus and his church. This year’s...

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How to keep your childlike faith

I’ve noticed that my spiritual progression often reflects my age progression. Here’s what I mean — as I grow older as an adult…

  • I tend to be more lethargic. As a young man, when evenings came, I was energized to...
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develop leaders

How to stay mentally tough in the midst of ministry chaos

I don’t know about you, but I am finding I need to work harder these days to maintain a healthy attitude. 

The chaos of this worldfrom terrorism to politics and natural disasters to human crueltycan be so...

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Building bridges

These are amazing times that we are living in. As we work to better understand one another, let us not discount all of the progress that has brought us to this point in time. Our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and our reconciliation with...

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New books from Converge authors (Spring 2016)

Build Deep: Developing a Transformational Culture in Your Church, by Steve Smith

Steve Smith...

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West End Community Church, Providence, Rhode Island

Start a church, stop bullets

Cranston Street takes you through the West End of Providence, Rhode Island. There’s a brick building a few miles down on the left, next to a check-cashing store. Across from it is a mammoth castle with no signage. There’s scaffolding up and down...

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The power of telling your story

In January 2011, my husband, Rob, and I had been married for 14 years, had planted two churches and had grown so far apart in the process that we were sleeping in different rooms. We had the ministry gig down to a science, but there was no trust...

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American Christianity

The new American religion

From our earliest beginnings we accommodated slavery into the core of our documents and our lifestyle, in violation of the Word of God. We worshiped Deism (Thomas Jefferson) and Transcendentalism/Unitarianism (John Adams), rejecting the person...

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American Christianity

Is the U.S. a Christian nation or not?

The call of following Christ in America has never been more daunting. We find ourselves caught in crazy currents that give us spiritual vertigo. It’s a mess out there. Political mess. Cultural and racial mess. Moral mess. And while we must...

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