March 2016

Grace River Church, O'Fallon, Missouri

5 lessons in the first year

Grace River Church launched in February 2015, and in the past year our team has had to learn a lot. We give all the credit to God for the success we have had and look forward to what is ahead because we know the best is yet to come. ...

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Converge Missions

Until everyone knows

While we talk about the second coming of Jesus, much of the world has never heard of the first.

2000 years after Jesus gave us the commission to disciple the nations, there are still over 6000 unreached people groups in the world. There...

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Understanding your Muslim neighbor

Today’s post comes from Jim Eaton, lead pastor of Mosaic Church, a multicultural Converge congregation in Frederick, Maryland. The son of a missionary, Jim is well versed in racial and cultural issues and recently completed two...

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Mosaic Church, Maple Grove, Minnesota

The Starbucks pastor

Erik Lindeen updates his Facebook status multiple times a day, but not in the annoying-type-of way. And he’s always at Starbucks. Every day, you’ll find him at the same one in Maple Grove, Minnesota. All of the baristas know him by...

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Easter 2016

Making the most of your Easter opportunity

"Anyone will come to church on Easter." That's a phrase our church leaders said over and over at our church. We said it because we evidenced it each Easter, year after year. We all know Easter is the greatest celebration of the...

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Chaplain/Director of Christian Ministries

Elim Park Baptist Home is seeking a qualified individual to serve as full-time Chaplain/Director of Christian Ministries of a retirement community as well as provide leadership to a team of Resident Chaplains with the goal of creating an...

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The Captive Project

Taking back the city of Milwaukee

On a warm summer night in May 2007, 4-year-old Jasmine Owens was shot dead while jumping rope in her front yard. This tragedy was the catalyst to catapult minister Richard Brown and his wife into full-time ministry. Violence and crime were...

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Church Planting

Is your church a front porch or a backyard patio?

In the town where I grew up, there is a section of leafy streets lined with stately houses built in the late 1800s. Most of these grand old houses have one thing in common: A large front porch, sometimes wrapping around two or three sides of the...

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Prison, freedom and baptism

Imagine a women’s prison where 22 ladies dressed in drab green prison garb meet in a special room overseen by guards. One by one, each inmate reads her faith story about trusting Jesus alone for the forgiveness of sins, professing devotion...

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Ignite 2016

Ignite 2016: Take your church viral

For the 350 people gathered at Ignite, the 2016 church planting-focused conference event, hosted by Sun Valley Community Church, Gilbert, Arizona, March 1-3, centered on taking churches viral. Beginning this April, our church planting...

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