January 2016


The better together formula

So how can we be better together?

I have been studying and preaching Paul’s prayers for the church. In them we find a great source of vision and encouragement for the church and the greater movement of God. Paul in the midst of...

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From Texas church plant to the Dominican Republic

Jonathan Autrey was 7 years old when his parents took a vacation to the Dominican Republic. At least that’s what he thought it was. When they returned, his mother showed him pictures of their trip. He saw tin houses and poverty. He couldn’t...

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6 characteristics of Nepal’s leaders

I was reminded of the irreplaceable value of leadership on my recent visit to Nepal. In the past 18 months Converge has been a part of helping to start 856 churches in this country. The really good news is that this pace will...

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Twanna Henderson

I quit!

For many women, hearing the word Superwoman envisions the image of our alter ego with our hands on our hips, bearing a huge S on our chest. Well I have tried that. Got a T-shirt, hat and a mug with an S on it. Over the years, my hands...

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Transform 2016

Transform 2016: Renew your passion

At Transform 2016, 342 Converge leaders explored how to keep passion alive for the church, evangelism and God. On January 11, Music leader Bill Hackworth and his band of 10 kicked off the night with powerful worship. Dr. Michael Henderson,...

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how to cast a compelling vision

How to share a compelling vision

by Lee Stephenson, executive director of Church Planting

Creating vision and casting vision is one of the great privileges of being a pastor. It also proves to be one of the biggest challenges to leading a church. The challenge...

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